The TOPKITS Decals for the Mirage IIIRS are:


Please check the Matterhorn Circle Decal sheet for the Mirage IIIRS: more

Mirage IIIRS - Swiss Air Force
TopKits Decals # 48-008

This decal sheet offers 3 options – R-2103, R-2104 & R-2118, but unfortunately, only enough markings to complete one aircraft. When referencing the instruction sheet, one gets the impression that the camouflage scheme has not really changed in last 30+ years of service. To add to the confusion, I added a picture of a toned down example featuring the early red air intakes on the far right.

R-2103 – this aircraft received special markings when it reached 3’000 flight hours. The decals depict this particular aircraft at a later time in its career and includes markings applied for the last flight of Erich ‘WOODY’ Waldvogel.

R-2104 – presents an aircraft from around 1966 with black markings and silver wing tanks – the well known canards which all Swiss Mirages were latterly equipped with, were fitted some 20 years later.

R-2118 – last of the Swiss RS line and was baptized ‘Mata Hari'. The instruction sheet has a picture of this aircraft, taken way back in 1987, just before the canards have been fitted. The nose art, the owl ‘Mata Hari’ has never been removed from this aircraft.



TopKits Decals are printed with an Alps printer on a fully coated sheet. The instruction sheet states, that the decals can be treated with a decal softener, but must be sealed with a clear lacquer after setting (to prevent scratching). The printing quality and register seem to be perfect; however, there has never been a kit for a Mirage III RS in this scale. A resin conversion for the Heller Mirage IIIC by Ouragan Models may become available in due course.



Mata Hari, 414Kb
  Decal 48-008
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